Development of ACTAIS WIM module


Ecocomputer is currently involved in the development of the module ACTAIS WIM (Weight In Motion).

Weight-In-Motion systems are a clear trend on the portfolio of ITS solutions providers, not only in the weighting of vehicles on the public roads (for safety and maintenance purposes) but also as part of the access to facilities (industrial areas, ports). Nevertheless, it’s usage is not spread as it should be maybe due to a lack of madurity on the technology used.

Integrated in the access control system ACTAIS, this module will allow our customers to manage automatically the weighting of incoming and outcoming vehicles, avoiding the need of having independent weighting and access control stations, reducing complexity as both could be condensated on a single access station to the premises.

This module is part of the continuous improvement of the ACTAIS system that will keep us in the short term to new functionalities and improvements.

Ecocomputer is a member of the international Society for Weight In Motion.